How we see ink as beauty more than just a marked lark

the human body AThe following individuals are lovers of skin art who believe that the human body is the greatest canvass ever created. They are passionate about tattoos and consider them as a way of life. Inspired by their passion, they created a website by and for those who love tattoos.

Beth O’Dowd aka "Coffee"

She is the website head writer. Just like her online nickname, she loves coffee. In fact, she has the slogan "Coffee is life" tattooed on her sleeve. She is also funny and a joyful individual to hang around. Beth is the one you will always find with a smile on her face. And if not, a cup of coffee will bring that smile right back up. She is also a strong advocate for putting yourself first and staying away from people who are judgmental or put you down. Her favorite quote is "Be yourself".

Daniel Neumann aka "X"

He’s the site editor. He is a strong believer in the power of art. He believes that art transcends race, religion, social status or sex. He is always thinking of unique ways to give back to his community through his art. He loves helping people and always says, "Helping those in need fulfills my spirit". Daniel is one that people can count on, being a man of his word and always keeps his promises. His online name is ‘X’. If you ever ask him why he uses that specific nickname, smiling widely, he will say, " Because I have an extra big heart".

Gabrielle Beauchemin aka "Blue Duchess"

She is a contributing writer to the website. She is a very energetic individual. She is one you will never find sitting down to relax. Her idea of relaxing is playing sports or jogging. She loves staying fit and eating healthy. Gabrielle is also a strong advocate for following your passion and always encourages young people to pursue professions that they are passion about. Her favorite quote is "Live your dream life". Her friends and family call her Blue Duchess because blue is her favorite color and she always adorns a blue piece on her outfits.

Eugene Parent aka "The Tattoo Guru"

He is the website event reporter. He is literary a living breathing encyclopedia of tattoo history and the tattoo culture. He loves discovering new opinions and unique content about the tattoo culture. He takes his role as a tattoo expert very seriously and he never reports anything that is not accurate or proof based. If you want to have him talk endlessly, start an argument about tattoos or the tattoo culture.

This group is made of highly creative individuals who share a passion for tattoos. Their goal was to create a safe space where people who share the same passion for tattoos can connect, be themselves, share their experiences, what inspires their tattoos and also inform, entertain. They believe that through sharing their personal experiences and those of others like them, they can break some of the stereotypes associated with tattoos. Let us know if you agree or have something you might like us to add. Contact us here-


Marquis de Lyon Fan Group

119 Pine Street

Seattle, WA

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