Tatoueur- The new age of French tattoos

Modern Tattoos have been a symbol of individuality, culture, ideology and beliefs since its emergence as a Traditional art. Like other forms of art it has its historical value and impact on the society. Wearing a tattoo has become an art of expression and French tattoo artists have mastered this art. France has always been a center of art and architecture and these modern tattoo artists have retained the legacy with there tattoos being inspired from realism, romanticism and impressionism.

Loic Lavenu aka Xoil GOne of such tatoueur is Loic Lavenu aka Xoil. He has become one of the most admired tattoo artist on social media and internet. His work of art can be weighed as a masterpiece. His sense of colors and his idea of abstract graphics makes him The Picasso of tattoos. His creations are like a story of emotions and thoughts engraved on skins. That is why fixing an appointment with him can take you a year or may be more but the wait will be worth it.

Another unique and creative tattoo artist is Thomas Carli Jarlier. He is one of the best and renowned portrait tattoo artist. He has recreated a portrait of Rock'n'Roll legend 'Jimi Hendrix'. His creations are generally made with dark color combinations like red/black and black/white.

Mikael de Poissy, a french tattoo artist that blends biblical artwork with modern tattoo art. His artwork is inspired by historical artifacts and paintings made with vibrant colors and imagination. He considers the body as a canvas and that is why his most significant artworks are quite large in dimension, covering almost the whole back. so if you are fond of bigger and biblical tattoos then he is the guy you need to fix an appointment with.

Gigi, a french tattoo artist who creates surreal and psychedelic tattoos. Her artwork depicts a sense of boldness and strength. She picks up your story and makes neo-traditional and contemporary tattoos. Her choice of colors and way of drawing gives a psychedelic touch to the tattoos. If you want to show your bold story to the people, she is the artist for you.

Lewisink, a renowned artist appreciated worldwide for his geometric and mathematical pattern tattoos. His artwork comprises of black/gray dots arranged and aligned in artistic manner. His each of the artwork is indeed inspired and related to client's life. He is brilliant in mirrored geometrical tattoos and his artwork is so perfect looking continuously might hypnotize you.

Michael Taguet, The most loved and hyper realistic tattoo artist from France, He is one of the pioneers in his field and his artworks are generally portraits which are very real and life like. He is one of most experienced artist in his field and has earned fame and awards for his work.

Such incredible artists are opening a new dimension of creativity and art. There came a time when Tattoos were considered gothic and were associated with thugs, crime and mafias. But, the time has changed and people have accepted this skill as an art.