Who is SNAT and the SPPF?

This article is going to discuss both the SNAT (Syndicate National Artistes Tatoueurs) and the SPPF (Syndicat des Perceurs Professionnels Francais). Both organizations are trade unions, with the aim of helping tattoo artists gain more recognition for their work, and to increase respect quality in both tattoo art and piercings. The SPPF has a specific focus on improving the safety and quality of other body modification services.

Syndicate National Artistes Tatoueurs

tattoos and piercings LThe SNAT, otherwise known as the Syndicate National Artistes Tatouers, is an organization that was created by two well known French tattoo artists, Remy and Tin-Tin. They founded the organization in 2003, with the aim of helping tattoo artists gain more respect and having tattoo artists recognized as a genuine artist and also is one of the two trade unions in France defending tattoo artists as of 2018. This is an important issue to the SNAT, because not having recognition as an ‘artist’ makes them liable for VAT at 20% and other state taxes and is classed as a ‘service’ under French law as opposed to an art. With recognition, they would be able to reap the same tax benefits as recognized artists.

They view tattoos as having a rich history but with the fact many tattoo artists are not recognized as artists under French law, the SNAT sought to help rectify this and also to help tattoo artists become involved in any legislation I regulations that concerns tattoo artists. They also created the Hygiene Charter and the Professional Charter with the aim of sharing these with tattoo artists to help them gain more respect for their work. The SNAT has over 1500 members and has a good standing in amongst tattoo artists, and was the first of the two unions to be founded.


Syndicat des Perceurs Professionnels Francais

Syndicat des Perceurs Professionnels Francais SThe SPPF (Syndicat des Perceurs Professionnels Francais), sometimes known as Union of professional French drillers in English is a similar organization to the SNAT, and they also work together with SNAT as they both share a common goal. The SPPF assisted SNAT in helping create legislation to regulate piercing and tattooing services in France. While the SNAT focuses more on the art, the SPPF focuses on both tattoos and piercings equally. As a result of their shared goal however, both unions worth very closely together and often join together in efforts regarding tattooing legislation and recognition of tattoo artists as artists. The SPPF developed the ‘charte des bonnes pratiques du piercing’ or the ‘charter of good practices of piercing’ which is aimed at ensuring good hygiene, such as sterile needles that are used only once, no ear gun for piercings, use of sterile gloves, etc.

They helped pass legislation in 2008 which imposes a mandatory 3-day training session regarding the safety and hygiene of tattoo & piercing practitioners and body modification services. They see this as helping tattoo artists and other body modification services gain more respect and greatly improves safety for those having a tattoo or piercing done.

Both the SNAT and the SPPF are two unions in which working together to not only see tattooing industry become recognized as an art form in French law, but also to have the goal of improving respect and safety in the industry of tattooing and piercings. Both unions have made great strides in improving the safety and quality of tattoos and piercings and have helped bring about legislation changes for the better, they both continue today as reliable unions as a result.